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Pressure Assist vs Gravity Toilets

Apr 05, 2019  |  By Brham Trim (Red Deer)  |  Toilets

Perhaps surprisingly to some, choosing a new toilet brings with it several decisions to make, one of which is between going with a pressure-assist or a gravity toilet.

Gravity toilets, probably the type most commonly found in homes, rely on a water tank or cistern behind the seat. When flushed, water is pulled downwards through a valve into the bowl, pushing the waste down the drain with it.

With pressure-assist toilets, though, pressurized air and water is ejected into the bowl at high speed when flushed, washing away the waste with it. This system is highly effective for preventing clogs, but creates a loud noise when flushing. Pressure-assist toilets also use less water than gravity toilets, but cost more and need to be replaced every 10 years.

Personal preference will no doubt play a large role when deciding on which type to go with, but we suggest you consider the sound, water usage, and maintenance costs associated with each before deciding.